Specialist in Stainless-steel sheet-metal solutions

Specialist in Stainless-steel sheet-metal solutions

Why Hoekman RVS? The solution to your sheet-metal questions

We produce smart stainless-steel sheet-metal solutions, supplying them from one-offs to big series. We aim to be the efficient and specialised workshop of choice for the production of sheet-metal parts that are essential for the success of your end product. We do this by continuously investing in technology, automation and production processes. This also represents our contribution to the preservation of the manufacturing industry in the Netherlands.

Part of your world!
Bespoke sheet-metal work

Bespoke sheet-metal work

We deliver custom work that specifically meets your wishes and needs.

Stainless steel 
as specialism

Stainless steel
as specialism

We have the knowledge and resources to ensure an optimal stainless-steel production process.

as added value

as added value

We partner with you and provide expert advice for improvements and savings.

We succeed together!

What do we do?

Partially or fully carry out
sheet-metal production processes

You are a specialist in the end product that you develop and market. We are specialists in the machining process of the sheet-metal parts that you need. We actively seek to reduce waste flows by sharing with you the engineering design freedom of our sheet-metal concepts as early as in the development phase. The starting point? Achieve the best sheet-metal solution with less material, less processing and a faster lead time!

  1. Sheet-metal working
    1. Laser cutting »
    2. Laser cutting XL »
    3. CNC bending »
    4. CNC bending XL »
    5. CNC Rolling »
    6. Welding »
    7. Robot welding »
    8. Drilling »
    9. Tapping »
    10. After-treatment »
  2. Engineering
    1. Co-engineering »
    2. Prototype production »
    3. Re-engineering »
  3. Sheet-metal assembly
    1. Weld assemblies »
    2. Assembly »
    3. Fitting »
    4. Testing and quality control »

Request an online quote

A direct price for laser cutting and bending

Cutting parts delivered from 3 working days and cutting and bending parts from 6 working days!

Cutting and bending jobs in stainless steel, aluminium and steel (max. 3000 x 1500 mm) are easily ordered online. With a free account in the web portal, you will immediately receive a price without obligation based on your correct dxf or step files. Quotation approved? Then we start production straight away!

  • Upload 2D or 3D files
  • A quotation in the mailbox directly
  • Your sheet-metal parts delivered fast

For whom?

When stainless-steel sheet-metal is part of your final product

We focus on different industries, each with their own specific needs. Yet the companies in the sectors we serve have a something in common with you: they all rely on our sheet-metal specialism. We focus on these industries:

  • Machine and equipment construction
  • Food industry
  • Packaging industry
  • Agri and mechanisation technology
  • Oil, gas and chemical industry
  • Transport and automotive
  • Construction and infrastructure technology
  • Medical and pharmaceutical industry
  • Installation, air and heating technology
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What sheet-metal solution can we provide you?

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